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Award Type: Bikeways & Trails Project

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Company: North Coast Engineering, Inc
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Paso Robles

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Project Description:

This project involved the complete reconstruction, widening and lowering of Union Road, a primary City of Paso Robles arterial, from Kleck Road to Montebello Oaks Drive, approximately a 0.90 mile section, while maintaining 24/7 access to the residents.  The profile of the road was lowered up to 5’ at the intersection of Walnut Drive to achieve the appropriate sight distance.  A number of utilities including a 12” water main and a 6” gas main required relocation due to the change in the profile of the road.  Complicating the project was the presence of 13 existing single family residences with frontage improvements not designed for this future improvement, requiring careful reconstruction to maintain adequate access and driveway sight distance.

The initial funding for this project started with a Caltrans Bicycle Grant.  Per the Bike Master Plan this portion of Union Road was designated to have Class 2 bike lanes which the existing road could not accommodate.  The City of Paso Robles also secured funding from SLOCOG, supplemental sales tax, gas tax, specific plan fees and water operations for a total budget of $2,800,000.  NCE provided preliminary planning services for this project, and completed final contract documents including topographic surveys, roadway and drainage design, 12” water main relocation, 6” high pressure gas main relocation and dry utility coordination.  The project included the addition of a sidewalk along the north side to provide pedestrian circulation, the installation of three retaining walls (one was 16’ high) to accommodate the new profile and Class II bike lanes.  An aggressive erosion control program was implemented to reduce potential site erosion and discharge to the sensitive downstream habitat areas.  The project was prepared utilizing State of California Standard Plans and Specifications, along with City Standards and standard drawings.  NCE provided complete construction management, including construction staking, contract administration, and daily observation.

Project Justification:

Challenge of widening, lowering (by 5’) and realigning an existing major arterial with 13 residents fronting the project; evaluating and reconstructing driveways designed for the old alignment with no anticipation of future improvement; maintaining essential services such as fire, police, mail, garbage, utilities and water while enacting a complete detour around the project;  constructing textured retaining walls up to 16’ to accommodate the hilly terrain; including radar speed signs and a raised pedestrian crossing to address traffic calming and pedestrian safety.

Special Circumstances:

Special relationships were developed with existing residents as well as the design/construction team.  Several workshops were held with the property owners to inform them of the project and seek their acceptance, as their daily lives were to be disrupted for a year.  These relationships were solidified during construction as the design team and contractor maintained great communication with the owners to avoid conflicts and maintain access and services.

In addition to the local residents, area wide residents were kept informed of the status of the major detour routes, and detours were monitored and controlled with radar signage and other traffic controls.

The construction team, consisting of the City of Paso Robles, North Coast Engineering and Sosa Construction worked well together and successfully managed the challenges of this major reconstruction of an existing road.  A staged construction sequence was developed that provided a plan for the road closure, relocation of a high pressure water line and a high pressure gas line,  complete removal of the existing road and construction of the new roadway and bike lanes.

The project now provides adequate geometry for a 35 mph design speed and adequate sight distances at all intersections and driveways, and has been been widely praised by the existing property owners and travelling public.

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