Peter V. Sevcik

Status: Awarded
Award Type: Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private or Public Sector

Candidate Information

Name: Peter V. Sevcik

Nipomo Community Services District
148 South Wilson Street
Nipomo CA, 93444

Candidate Photo:
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BS, Civil Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois
Masters in Public Admin, Nova Southwestern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Mr. Sevcik has worked for Nipomo CSD for nearly eight years.  During this time he has made many significant contributions to the District and community public works.  Small yet critical projects like revision of District Standards and Specifications to major projects like a $13M wastewater plant rebuild and a $17M waterline intertie project.  All told, Mr. Sevcik has taken nearly $40M in public works projects from concept to completion in eight years.
In addition, in early 2012, Mr. Sevcik was promoted to a newly created position (Director of Engineering and Operations) and took responsibility for District operation department including 12 full-time staff persons.
Under Mr. Sevcik’s direction, all projects have been professionaly designed and built to serve the community for generations to come.  All projects were completed on schedule and within budget.
Operations wise; the District has made all required regulatory reports, has zero reportable spills and zero Notice of Violations.
Finally, Mr. Sevcik is the District’s Safety Officer.  The District has had zero loss work accidents in past 24 months and recieved the 2014 Excellence in Safety Award from its insurance provider.


I have worked in operations and engineering for more than 30 years, I have never met a more dedicated and capable professional.  Mr. Sevcik is an outstanding engineer who is also and outstanding manager and employee.  His dedication and professionalism set a strong example for all that work with him and for him.

Contribution to the Profession:

Mr. Sevcik is a long-standing member of ASCE
Mr. Sevcik recently provided a presentation and tour to SLO Chapter ASCE on District’ new treatment plant project.


Mr. Sevcik and his wife are raising two children.
Mr. Sevcik regularly volunteers to coach youth sports (soccer - 2 teams each fall and spring since 2013).
Mr. Sevcik also volunteers his time in the classroom on ‘bring your Dad to school day’ and career day.

Suggested Award Summary:

Mr. Peter V. Sevcik, Director of Engineering and Operations at Nipomo Community Services District is recognized as Public Works Engineer of the Year for his years of outstanding service to his profession and community.  Mr. Sevcik’s performance during his eight years of employment with the District were recognized. During the period Mr. Sevcik took over $40M in public works projects from concept to completion.  Additionally, in his role as Director of Operations, Mr. Sevick expanded staffing and successfully recruited a new Chief Plant Operator.

Additional Information

Additional Information:

Nipomo CSD has overcome numerous untold hurdles to bring in $40M in projects over last 5 years while maintaining high level water and wastewater services.  Mr. Peter Sevcik is directly responsible for this success.

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