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Welcome from the ASCE Los Angeles Section Board

Welcome to the Los Angeles Section of the American Society of Engineers, the second largest Section in ASCE, and the largest that doesn’t cover an entire state, totaling over 8,000 members. I am honored to serve as the LA Section President for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

My relatively short experience with ASCE in Southern California has been extremely engaging and rewarding. I had a relatively unique path to the LA Section Board, moving to the area after serving as an Engineer Officer in the US Army. Looking to find fellow Civil Engineers to learn more about the industry, I searched the local organizations and found ASCE had several upcoming events that were both technically intriguing and fun. Luckily, I registered for a few events and was welcomed as though I was a childhood friend that had recently moved back home. My initial experience and the friendships I built over the next several luncheons, technical presentations, and networking events were so impactful that I was inspired to help other Engineers connect with peers and grow their professional skills, while also having fun of course. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to serve beside amazing leaders at the Orange County Branch and LA Section, and collaborate with many others throughout the Section and Region.

My primary goal while serving as Section President is to provide opportunities for many of our members to have similar experiences to mine. Whether our events are in person, virtual, or a mix, I want to make our members and potential new members excited about being a part of ASCE, and feel the excitement we have about them actively participating. While we have a structure within the Section that supports local outreach and development opportunities, our members don’t really care the boundary between the MLAB and Santa Barbara-Ventura Branches, or any others, and often recruit and pursue project opportunities throughout the region. Our Branches offer a variety of events and content that could benefit members from across the section, and therefore another priority of mine is to resource and support the collaboration between branches to bring more valuable experiences to all of our members.

There is no way I can do this alone, but luckily we have a wonderful Board of Directors to help.  The Executive Board has a few familiar faces, including Past President Dr. Seema C. Shah-Fairbank, President Elect Melissa Barbosa, and VP for Technical Groups Lisette A. Bice. New Board members include Treasurer Linda Luu, Secretary Sam Potts, and VP Student Activities Dr. Daniel Jansen. Luckily we have a great framework to build from, as we are following in the footsteps of the previous Section Presidents and board members who have made the LA Section one of the most highly regarded in ASCE.

Our Legislative Activities and Sustainability Committee chairs are returning to help continue their great work. Thank you Jeff Meiter, Trina Lai, and Tonia Wang for your efforts up to this point and for committing to bringing even more value to our members this year. William Lawson will represent our Life Members at the Section level and the Younger Member Forum selected Mohammad El Hocheimi as their Section representative.

I look forward to working with this wonderful team to provide great opportunities for our Section members and help the Board members and committee chairs work toward their goals.

You only get out of ASCE what you are willing to put into it. If you haven’t made it to one of our events, sign up. If you’ve attended an event, but haven’t volunteered to help on one of your Branch’s committees, talk to a Branch board member and see what opportunities excite you. Reach out to me or another Section Board member if you are looking for opportunities to engage ASCE beyond your Branch.

I am extremely thankful for the support and trust the Board and our members have shown as I’ve stepped into the President role and am looking forward to seeing you at one of our events soon.


Jeff  Braun, P.E., M.ASCE
2021 - 2022 President
American Society of Civil Engineers Los Angeles Section

Gayle Stewart, Section Administrator
Mailing Address:
ASCE LA Section
360 E. 1st Street, #992
Tustin, CA  92780
Phone: 714-258-8306

ASCE LA Section Board

Bi-Monthly Board Meetings

Day: Held on 1st Thursday in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Please check the calendar for the specific date, time and location.
Time: 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: ASCE LA Section Office, 1405 Warner Ave., Ste B., Tustin, CA 92780
Everyone is welcome!

Currently, the Board Meetings are held via Zoom. Please email Gayle Stewart at for the join link if you would like to attend.

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