Linda Luu, P.E.

Status: Awarded
Award Type: Outstanding Younger Civil Engineer

Candidate Information

Name: Linda Luu, P.E.

555 S. Flower Street
Suite 4300
Los Angeles, CA 90071”

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“Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with minor in Physics, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Qualified SWPPP Developer and Qualified SWPPP Practitioner”


Parsons Early Management Acceleration Program (EMAP) Candidate - Linda was one of 30 professionals among the 13,000+ employed company accepted into EMAP, a year-long leadership training program. The selective program requires senior management nomination and President and CEO approval, and is the first step in corporate management training. Linda gained important experience on corporate finance, business development, situational leadership, conflict resolution and soft skills through workshops while networking with the company’s senior leaders and other rising leaders.


“7 years in Private Sector

● Harbor City Greenway Machado Lake Phase I Project – Linda evaluated multiple channel configurations for this ASCE MLAB award winning project. These configurations balanced the flood control needs with the environmental rehabilitation needs of Wilmington Drain. Special consideration was taken into the proposed design alternatives to limit the disturbance of an existing island in the middle of the floodway, which is home to the least bell’s vireo, an endangered bird. Linda played an essential role in the Design Workshops with the client where the results of her hydraulic analysis and ultimate recommendation of the final design were evaluated. In addition to her technical role, she served as project coordinator, documenting and at times leading weekly conference calls for a team comprised of over 20 team members from 5 different sub-consultants. She also managed comment response logs and cross checked all design drawings for consistency and quality control.

● Audi Production Plant in Mexico – The project included substantial civil infrastructure and site development for a $1.3 billion Audi production plant located on over 1,000 acres of undeveloped land in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla, Mexico. Linda designed various civil infrastructure including sewer network, 10 miles of storm drain, and interior plant roadways and pavement supporting freight loads in order to bring Audi’s first North American plant on-line with an expected production of 150,000 Audi Q5 SUV units per year. Her infrastructure designs incorporated a higher standard of engineering for typical projects in Mexico, helping to extend the life of the 1,000+ acre plant and helping to create thousands of jobs for years to come.

● Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant – Field Engineer during the construction of the demilitarization facility, which will safely and efficiently destroy 523 tons of the nation’s chemical weapons stockpile. Linda developed various waste transfer station layouts in order for trucks to safely and quickly deliver hazardous waste materials on-site. She also generated several temporarily facility layouts to reduce interference with heavy construction areas, lowering the chances of on-site safety accidents. In addition, she analyzed unforeseen project site conditions, designed changes to match field conditions, reviewed and approved contractor RFIs, and developed scope of work and performed technical evaluations for subcontractor RFPs.”

Contribution to the Profession:

“● City of Los Angeles Public Works High School Internship Program (PWHiP) – PWHiP, in partnership with the City of LA and other engineering firms, receives over 500 junior and senior high school applicants and sponsors approximately 60 internships at architectural, engineering and construction companies. Linda interviewed and selected the final four participants to be offered five-week paid internships at her engineering firm. During the course of the program, Linda was one of the lead mentors and influenced her company to develop a collaborative 3D engineering design project for the four hosted interns. The student were challenged as a group to design a light rail station with retail and parking, implementing the knowledge gained from each mentor, model and print their design in 3D, and present their design to a room of engineering professionals. Linda worked with her intern to develop an understanding of site design that was later used to contribute to the group project. Students faced lessons in planning and engineering, teamwork, compromise, and meeting deadlines. The success of the collaborative 3D modelling project was featured internally on companywide media as well as with external local media outlets.

● ASCE YMF Annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition (PSBC) Co-Chair (2013-2015) – Linda managed over 15 PSBC committee members to bring together over 200 local high school students annually to inspire them to pursue STEM related careers through a full day competition including an impromptu challenge, university and engineering tour, and load testing of their constructed popsicle stick bridge design. Practicing engineers debriefed each team on the cause of their bridge failure and ways the design could have improved, providing a practical lessons learned for the students. She led the sponsorship sub-committee to contact companies for monetary and swag sponsorship.  Tasks included developing a formal request letter and a contact list, reaching out and gathering in-kind donations from companies, and leading a team to package swag bags for each participant in a five week period. Over 1,000 donated swag items and gift cards valued at over $250 were donated in under a month. Linda also led committee members to secure the venue, plan site logistics and room assignments, recruit volunteers, develop event programming, develop competition scoresheets and tabulate final scores, and obtain sponsorships/swag.

● Participated in various ASCE community and K-12 outreach events including:
    ● Habitat for Humanity: Volunteered for build days with Habitat for Humanity at numerous sites, helping build affordable housing for low income families.
    ● Annual Student Night and Job Fair: This event serves to distribute our student scholarships and awards, provide our students with the opportunity to find employment, and empower engineering companies to bridge the gap between employers and the eleven local universities. University students have the chance to interact with YMF, Branch, and Section members, as well as potential employers, over a formal dinner, gaining valuable information on various careers within Civil Engineering and getting to know working professionals on a personal level
    ● Engineers Week: Volunteered in the High School Day of Engineers Week with over 150 high school students to promote STEM education and educate the community about the civil engineering profession during this week-long event.
    ● Corazon: Volunteered with OC YMF and the Corazon team for the “Build a House in a Day” program in Tijuana, Mexico. She and other dedicated volunteers constructed a 16 ft x20 ft house in under a day, providing shelter for a family within their community.

● Current ASCE LA YMF Professional Development Co-Chair - Linda’s role includes reaching out to potential speakers and organizing technical presentations and tours. Events target students and professionals and serve to provide career and technical training such as soft skills, technical knowledge, risk mitigation, and engineering ethics. Presentations and tour topics included “Griffith Observatory Expansion and Renovation”, “Aquarium of the Pacific”, “Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists (BPELSG) PE Licensure Updates”, “Soft Skills for Engineers”, and “In Defense of Engineers: Risk Mitigation Tools and Legal Case Studies”. These informative events supply students and professionals with the knowledge base and practice to supplement on the job technical training. Attendees were treated to an empowering presentation on networking, listening, and negotiations and later, put their skills to the test by interacting with other audience members in a series of role play exercises. Members also learned how to recognize potential issues and gained invaluable tools to mitigate risk preventing lawsuits, an experience engineers may encounter during their careers. The success of the events resulted in several attendees willing to assist with organizing more professional development programs, ultimately contributing back to the overall growth of LA YMF and its members.

● Current 2017 Western Regional Younger Member Council (WRYMC) Conference Speaker Co-Chair – In her current role, Linda conducts a region-wide search to select four professional speakers to be part of a showcase of technical projects and leadership training for the upcoming ASCE WRYMC conference. As a WRYMC committee member, she also assists in organizing technical tours.”


“● Volunteer Career Coach and Young Executive for Success (YES) member for Dress for Success (DFS) Worldwide West (2011 – present) -  DFS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower women to work towards self-sufficiency through professional suiting and career development programs. In her role as a volunteer career coach, Linda coaches up to 12 clients a month with varying backgrounds from professional administration to security. She conducts mock interviews, assists in resume writing, and provides career consultation, uniquely tailored to instill confidence in each client for her upcoming job interviews and career ahead. She also assists in the suiting program by preselecting professional outfits and accessories prior to each appointment, and by sorting donated items to ensure appropriate professional attire is offered. In addition, as a YES member, she contributes to various DFS and YES fundraising programs including speed mentoring and annual Shop for Success event by organizing, promoting, and setting up the events, contacting potential mentors, and contacting companies for in-kind donations.

● Design/Mapping/Planning/Construction (DMPC) FlexTeam Member for the Los Angeles World’s Fair - Linda is a DMPC FlexTeam member for the Los Angeles World’s Fair, a grassroots-led effort, currently in the early stages, to organize and propose a bid to host the World’s Fair in 2022. As a member, she supports the planning and research to identify various potential locations to procure, design, and construct cultural expositions throughout Los Angeles County showcasing the advancement of transportation in Los Angeles. Building off Los Angeles County’s investment in transportation infrastructure, the proposed site locations aim to highlight some of the 88 lesser known, yet easily accessible, cities within Los Angeles County under the theme of connectivity. A successful bid to host the World’s Fair has the potential to create thousands of jobs and investments in the architectural, engineering, and construction industry, and attract millions of domestic and international visitors.”

Suggested Award Summary:

Ms. Linda Luu graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona where she obtained her B.S. degree in Civil Engineering. She is a Registered Civil Engineer in the State of California and has been dedicated to ASCE since 2007. She has been actively involved with the Los Angeles YMF, having previously served as Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition Co-Chair. Ms. Luu currently serves as the Professional Development Co-Chair and WRYMC 2017 Conference Speaker Co-Chair of the Los Angeles Younger Member Forum.

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