Gilbert Cedillo

Status: Awarded
Award Type: Legislator of the Year

Candidate Information

Name: Gilbert Cedillo

City of Los Angeles
200 N Spring Street, Room 460, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Candidate Photo:
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Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from UCLA
Juris Doctor degree from the Peoples College of Law


• Golden Angel Award, Premios Los Angeles
• Ohtli Award, Distinguished Service-Mexican Goverment
• Public Service Award, Mexican American Bar Association
• Man of The Year award, East Los Angeles Community Youth
• Community Leader award, Los Angeles Theatre Center
• Benito Juarez Public service award, City of Los Angeles
• Chancellor’s Distinguished Service Award, Board of Governors – California Community         Colleges
• Border Angels Lifetime Achievement Award, California Border Angels
• CREO Award, The East Los Angeles Credit Union Education Foundation
• Outstanding Legislator 2008 – California State Sheriffs Association
• “2007 Friend of Education and Labor Award” from the California Faculty Association
• “2007 Legislator of the Year from UCLA
• “2007 California Dreamin’ Award from the Alumni Associations of the University of California
• “2007 Male Legislator of the Year from the LAMBDA Letters Project
• “2006 Community Clinic Excellence Award” from the California Primary Care Association
• “2005 Leadership Award” from the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP)
• “2004 Street Sweeper Award” from the California Correctional Peace Officers Association
• “2004 Ang Pagas Award” for Recognition of his contribution on behalf of Filipino American WWII Veterans
• “2004 Outstanding Legislator Award” from the California Building Industry Association
• “2003 Latino Legislator of the Year” from the League of California Cities
• “2003 Leadership Award” from the Los Angeles to Pasadena Construction Authority
• “2002 Esperanza Award” from LULAC
• Union Hispana Newspaper–September 2002
• “2001 Outstanding Public Service Award” from the California School Employees Association
• “2001 Legislator of the Year” from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation
• “2001 Leadership Award” from the Private Essential Access Community Hospital (PEACH) Inc.
• Los Angeles Board of Education–December 2001
• FIL-AM Community & WWII Veterans–August 2000
• “2000 Leadership Award” from the Korean American Leadership Conference
• “2000 Leadership Award” from the Asian Pacific Islander Action Network
• “2000 Legislator of the Year” from the California Primary Care Association
• Orange County Central Labor Council–August 2000
• “1999 Commitment to California’s Youth Award” from Covenant House
• 1996 People’s Weekly Award
• 1994 Alumni Achievement Award from Peoples College of Law
• LA Mayor James K. Hann & the City of Los Angeles
• National Immigration Law Center–October 1999
• El Consejo y el Alcalde Municipal de la Ciudad de San Salvador
• IDEAS 2nd Annual Making the Dream a Reality Banquet Fundraiser
• The Latina & Latino Roundtable of Pomona & San Gabriel Valleys and Labor Council for Latin American Advancement San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire Chapter
• “Henry Fiering Union Advocacy Award” given from the Jewish Labor Committee, Western Region
• “Labor Visionary Award” from the California Federation of Labor
• “Political Empowerment Award” from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition
• “Weaving the Safety Net Award” from the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles
• “Recognition from the Public Health Institute” from the Public Health Institute
• “Las Memorias Award” from The Wall/Las Memorias
• “Central American Resource and Education Center Gratitude Award”
• “Recognition from the Public Health Institute” from the Public Health Institute
• Leadership Award from the CA Chicano-Latino Intersegmental Convocation “For tireless contributions to the State of California, especially for your commitment to expand educational opportunities to each and every student”


• In May, 2013, Gilbert Cedillo was elected to the Los Angeles Council, First District and took office on July 1st of the same year.  He is the Chair of the Housing Committee and member of the Economic Development Committee and served in the capacity of Vice-Chair of the Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM).  He also served as a member of the Public Works and Arts, Parks, Health, Aging and River Committees during the last two years. He continues as the Chair of the Housing Committee, Vice-Chair of the Economic Development Committee and a member of the PLUM, and newly formed Energy and Environment and Homelessness and Poverty Committees.
• Gilbert Cedillo has proven himself a champion for the working poor and a public servant who brings people together to make strong public policy. During his 14 years in the State Legislature, Councilmember Cedillo authored over a hundred bills that were signed into California law by four different Governors that include Pete Wilson, Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jerry Brown.  Most were innovative pieces of legislation that included California’s brownfields, state oversight and fair share zoning for transitional and emergency homeless shelters (SB2), workers’ right to organize (AB 1889), Downtown Rebound (AB 2870), and more recently, the groundbreaking California Dream Act (AB 130 and 131).
• Councilmember Cedillo’s advocacy on behalf of underserved communities is legendary. His causes have ranged from becoming a formidable counterweight to Proposition 187 and Pete Wilson’s inhumane crusade against undocumented families, to his unwavering support for Filipino American World War II veterans, the uninsured, low-income and working families, the homeless, and most recently, AB 540 “dream” students. He has worked diligently to mainstream all of their agendas, one community at a time.

Contribution to the Profession:

Sponsored and supported Engineers Week
Year 2014:
• Egg Drop Contest – 150 Elementary School Students Participated
Year 2015:
• Egg Drop Contest – 225 Elementary School Students Participated
• High School Day and Design Contest – 200 High School Students Participated
• High School Girls Day – 70 High School Girls Participated
• Professional Networking Reception – 200 Professionals Participated
• College Day – 50 College Students Participated

Member of the Public Works Committee:
• Supported the implementation of a Citywide Sidewalk Repair Program, the largest in the history of the City of Los Angeles

AB 2875 Cedillo-Alarcon Community Clinic Investment Act
Established a $50 million grant program, subject to one-time appropriation in the 2000-01 Budget Act, which will fund one-time awards targeted for capital improvement projects and infrastructure expansion.  Chapter 99, Statutes of 2000
AB 942 – 101 Pedestrian Bridge – Requests the City of Los Angeles to consider creating a pedestrian crossing, walkway or deck over the 101 in downtown Los Angeles, develop potential funding sources, and submit findings to the Los Angeles County MTA.  Chapter 211, Statutes of 2001

Completion of the 710 Freeway.  Mr. Cedillo championed the tunnel alternative for the completion of the 710 Freeway to connect the 10 and 210 Freeways, which will save 500 additional homes in El Sereno, South Pasadena, Alhambra and Pasadena demolition, and which were required to build a surface route between the 2 Freeways.  The completion of the 710 Freeway is currently rated as the project with the greatest potential to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in Los Angeles County.   
He worked diligently for about 2 & ½ years with cities, Caltrans, and MTA in both his Capitol and District offices to secure support for the tunnel project:
• By recruiting tunneling experts to familiarize his constituents with safe breakthroughs in tunneling technology;
• By negotiating the suspension of a competing City of Los Angeles road project that would have flooded El Sereno neighborhoods with thousands of additional cars; and
• By his advocacy for combining private financing and available State resources to complete a project that has languished for over 50 years, to the detriment of both commuters and residents in his District.
Completion of MTA’s Gold Line Light Rail System - Starting when he was an Assemblyman over 10 years, he supported the completion of MTA’s Gold Line light rail system through Boyle Heights and secured $10 million from Caltrans required to widen the First Street Bridge in order to make this project possible.
AB-751 Freeway Construction – 10/03/2011 Chaptered by Secretary of State – Chapter 439, Statutes of 2011
SCR 59, as introduced, Cedillo. Public contracts: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
This act would urge all state and local government agencies, departments, offices, and other entities responsible for the allocation and disbursement of federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds for public contracts and infrastructure projects in the state, to the extent permitted under state and federal law, to ensure that Latino owned and minority owned small businesses receive an equal share of the available federal stimulus funds.


SB1710 Korean Soju
This bill would provide that any on-sale licensee authorized to sell wine may also sell soju, an important Korean alcoholic beverage that contains not more than 24% of alcohol by volume and is derived from agricultural products. Chapter 204, Statutes of 1998
AB 1021 – Korean American Museum
Appropriated $250,000 to the City of Los Angeles for the Korean American Museum.  Chapter 884, Statutes of 1998
ACR 148 – Eugene A. Obregon Memorial Interchange
Officially named the East L.A. interchange the Eugene A. Obregon Memorial Interchange.  Chapter 125, Statutes of 1998.

AB 52 – Boxing Bill
Enabled California to compete with other states in attracting and hosting major-title boxing bouts.  This bill would eliminate the $100,000 cap for the fee collected by the State Athletic Commission on the gross receipts of a boxing, kickboxing, or martial arts contest or wrestling exhibition. Also provided needed assistance to the California Boxer’s Pension Account. Chapter 436, Statutes of 2000
AB 94 – St. Vibiana’s Cathedral
Provided funding for the renovation and conversion of St. Vibiana’s Cathedral into a performing arts center for California State University Los Angeles. Los Angeles County High School for the Performing Arts.  Chapter 370, Statutes of 2000
AB 268—Chinese American Museum and Italian Hall
Established funding for the Chinese American Museum and the Italian Hall.  This bill also recognizes funding provided in the 1999-2000 State Budget, which appropriated $500,000 for each organization.  Chapter 193, Statutes of 1999
AB 1107 —Health Care for Families
Changed to the State’s Healthy Families and Medi-Cal programs and authorized the use of funds for health care services included in the Budget Act of 1999-2000.  Chapter 146, Statutes of 1999
AB 1889 – Labor/ Improper Use of State Funds
Prohibited public employers or state contractors from using state funds to discourage or encourage unionization.  Chapter 872, Statutes of 2000
AB 1978 – Filipino Veteran’s Bill
Provided Filipino WWII Veterans with their SSP (State Supplemental Program) benefits, about $334 (per month), if they choose to return to the Philippines.  Chapter 143, Statutes of 2000
AB 2870 – Downtown Rebound
Created the Downtown Rebound Program which appropriates $25 Million in low-interest loans for housing opportunities in downtown urban cores.  Of the $25 million, $19 million in loans is set-aside for the adaptive reuse of existing underutilized buildings in Downtown Urban Areas.  The remainder is available for planning grants and other uses.  Chapter 83, Statutes of 2000.
AJR 47—Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act
This resolution called on the federal government to expeditiously reauthorize the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) act. Chapter 65, Statutes 2000

AB 2064 – HIV Testing Programs - Requires the Department of Health Services (DHS) to authorize the establishment of training programs for counselors for publicly funded human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing programs.  Requires that training programs be conducted by organizations with demonstrated expertise in providing free, anonymous or confidential HIV testing.  Chapter 273, Statutes of 2002
AB 516 - Byzantine-Latino Quarter Requires the State Department of Transportation, after receiving donations from non-state sources, to erect highway signs and markers on Route 10 in Los Angeles recognizing the existence of the Byzantine-Latino Quarter.  The bill also makes related findings regarding the historical and cultural significance of this area of Los Angeles. Chapter 100, Statutes of 2002

AB 472 - Tenant Relocation – Requires rental property owners whose tenants are displaced by housing code violations to pay relocation benefits.  Receivers who manage substandard properties must notify the court about necessary repairs.  Chapter 414, Statutes of 2001
AB 180 – Thrift Store Sales Tax Exemption - Extends the sunset date of January 1, 2002, for the sales and use tax exemption for retail items sold at thrift stores that support funding for services that benefit individuals with HIV or AIDS to January 1, 2007.  It also adds hospice care to the list of qualifying services.  Chapter 383, Statutes of 2001.
AB 286 – Boxer’s Pension Fund -  Changes the name of the Boxers Pension Account to the Boxers Pension Fund (Fund), establishes the Fund in the State Treasury, and continuously appropriates all funds deposited in the Fund to be used exclusively for the purposes and administration of the pension plan.  Prohibits moneys within the Fund from being deposited or transferred to the General Fund.  Chapter 776, Statutes of 2001
AB 368 - Breed Street Shul - Provides that an appropriation of $500,000 has been made to the Department of Parks and Recreation in the Budget Act of 2001 for a grant to the Breed Street Shul Project, Inc. to be used for renovation and capital improvements.  Chapter 659, Statutes of 2001
SB 124 – Mercado La Paloma - Exempts Mercado La Paloma public market in Los Angeles, which is open only on one side, from a requirement that food establishments be fully enclosed, under specified conditions.  Chapter 12, Statutes of 2001
AB 63 - Franchise Tax Board information Disclosure - Permits FTB to disclose to the tax officials of a city, upon written request, the name, address, social security or taxpayer identification number and business activity code of taxpayers with an address within the city’s boundaries and report income from a trade or business to FTB. The tax information to the taxing authority of a city may not be furnished to or used by any person other than an employee of that taxing authority.  Chapter 915, Statutes of 2001
AB 8 – Downtown Rebound - Increases the per-unit loan amount for the $19 million in loans authorized under the Downtown Rebound Program.  Amounts are increased from $40,000 to $55,000 for low-income units and from $20,000 to $35,000 for other units.  The bill also requires that units be located in an elementary school attendance area in which at least 50 percent of students qualify for free meals.  Chapter 3, Statutes of 2001
AB 59 – Express Lane Eligibility - Establishes a statewide pilot project to expedite Medi-Cal enrollment for children receiving free lunches through the National School Lunch Program, effective July 1, 2002.  This bill also creates a process to authorize consent for the release of information on applications for free lunches to county welfare departments, and authorizes them to quickly enroll children in Medi-Cal upon receipt of such information from school districts.  Chapter 894, Statutes of 2001

SB 226 – Firearms
Would add persons subject to a protective order involving elder or dependent adult abuse to the existing prohibitions and penalties for persons who are the subject of a protective or restraining order and are prohibited from purchasing, owning, receiving, or possessing firearms.  Chapter 498 of 2003
SB 493 - Brownfields
Would limit liability of new purchasers of contaminated property for the purpose of encouraging the clean-up and reuse of contaminated urban properties. Died in Assembly Appropriations.  Most provisions later amended in to AB 389 Montanez, Chapter 705 of 2004
SB 614 – Abusive Tax Shelters
This bill would require the Franchise Tax Board to develop and administer a voluntary compliance initiative, as specified, to be conducted during the period from January 1, 2004, to April 15, 2004, inclusive, and to apply to tax liabilities attributable to the use of abusive tax avoidance transactions, as specified, for taxable years beginning before January 1, 2003. This would generally authorize a taxpayer utilizing the voluntary compliance initiative to comply, with or without right to appeal, with the reporting and payment of taxes with respect to a previously filed tax return that used an abusive tax avoidance transaction to underreport tax liability. For a taxpayer who elects to comply without right to appeal, this bill would waive all penalties. For a taxpayer who elects to comply with right to appeal, this bill would waive only the new or increased penalties.

This bill would, except as provided, apply with respect to any penalty assessed on or after January 1, 2004, on any return for which the statute of limitations on assessment has not expired, and would otherwise apply on and after January 1, 2004.

This bill would require the Franchise Tax Board and the Legislative Analyst to report to the Legislature regarding the bill, as provided.  FTB and Leg Analyst reported more than a billion dollars in the general fund for the 2004 budget year
Chapter 656 of 2003

SB 1110 – State Taxes
Makes various changes to state income tax law and to state sales and use tax laws to implement tax-related provisions of the 2004-05 Budget package.
Chapter 226 of 2004
SB 1196 – Healthy Families Enrollment
This bill authorizes the sharing of the National School Lunch Program application for purposes of determining eligibility for the Healthy Families Program and any other county- or local-sponsored health insurance program when the child does not meet eligibility requirements for Medi-Cal.  Chapter 729 of

SB 190 -  The Cedillo-Alarcon Act
The Cedillo-Alarcon Community Clinic Investment Act of 2000 authorizes the California Facilities Financing Authority to award grants to eligible clinics for financing capital outlay projects.  Existing law establishes the California Health Facilities Fund and continuously appropriates the fund to the authority for health facility financing purposes. The Cedillo-Alarcon Act is to be implemented only to the extent that funds are appropriated for those purposes in the Budget Act of 2000. SB 190 would remove that restriction, thereby making an appropriation, and would make conforming changes.  Chapter 493, Statutes of 2005
SB 278 – Boxing Bill
This bill would eliminate the January 1, 2006 sunset on the $100,000 cap for the fee collected by the State Athletic Commission on the gross receipts of a boxing, kickboxing, or martial arts contest or wrestling exhibition.  Chapter 104, Statutes of 2005
SB 1318 – Selling drugs near Homeless shelters
Would provide that a person who engages in drug commerce within 1000 feet of a rehabilitation center or homeless shelter shall receive a one-year enhancement of sentence.  Chapter 650, Statutes of 2006
SB 1341 – Thrift Store Sales Tax Exemption
Would extend the sales and use tax exemption for thrift stores operated for purposes of raising funds for organizations benefiting AIDS patients until January 1, 2012. Chapter 373, Statutes of 2006
SB 1374 – FTB/Cities: information sharing
Would extend the sunset date on the current law that allows the Franchise Tax Board to provide information to tax officials of any city in California from December 31, 2008 to December 31, 2011.  Chapter 523, Statutes of 2006


SB 2 Cedillo Fair Share Zoning
This bill would require every city and county to assess how many homeless persons are in their community and to identify zones, in the housing element of their general plan, where emergency homeless shelters, in an amount sufficient to meet the community’s need, are allowed to locate without a conditional use permit or other discretionary permit. (Chaptered by Secretary of State.  Chapter 633, Statutes of 2007)
SB 271 Cedillo Street Gangs: Injunctions
This bill would provide any district attorney or prosecuting city attorney the ability to seek economic compensation for damages done to that particular community as a result of gang crime.  Moneys rewarded would go into a segregated fund to benefit the city or county where the community or neighborhood is located. (Chaptered by Secretary of State.  Chapter 34, Statutes of 2007)

Signed Legislation for Women
AB 1884 – Interpreters in Child Custody Cases
Established a pilot project in Los Angeles and one other county regarding the appointment of an interpreter in child custody cases and divorce proceedings where there is a protective order, and when one or both parties are not proficient in English. Chapter 981, Statutes of 1998
Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Hospital, to purchase state-of-the-art cancer treatment equipment that will improve radiation accuracy for patients ($325,000).

AB 48 – Ken Maddy California Cancer Registry
Changed the name of the California Tumor Registry to the Ken Maddy California Cancer Registry.  The bill also revised the definition of cancer to include benign brain tumors; this change expands the scope of the Registry’s data collection activities. Chapter 368, Statutes of 1999
AB 1107 —Health Care for Families
Changed to the State’s Healthy Families and Medi-Cal programs and authorized the use of funds for health care services included in the Budget Act of 1999-2000.  Chapter 146, Statutes of 1999

Unsigned Legislation -2009

SB 1348 (Cedillo) Breast Cancer Screening Services
This bill would allow the Every Woman Counts (EWC) Program, which is administered by the Department of Health Services, to secure additional funding to provide breast cancer screening services for the state’s low-income uninsured and underinsured women and expand the eligibility age for the EWC Program to high-risk women under the age of 40.  Establishing the EWC Program as an entitlement would ensure that all women, who are deemed eligible under the EWC requirements, receive breast cancer screening services.  (Senate Appropriations Committee)


Suggested Award Summary:

Gilbert Cedillo has stood behind the Los Angeles Branch and Younger Member Forum in our development of Engineers Week at City Hall. Without his dedication of time and resources of himself and his staff this event would not have grown from 150 to 700 students involved from the local community over a four day period. This has in turn increased ASCE’s local presence and recognition within Los Angeles City Hall.

Additional Information

Additional Information:

Although not a current state legislature, Gilbert Cedillo has served through out the ranks and supported the civil engineering professional along the way.

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