Hydrology & Hydraulics - Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch

For more information, visit the MLAB web site at [url=http://www.ascemlab.org]http://www.ascemlab.org[/url].

The mission of the Hydrology and Hydraulics Technical Group is to provide members with opportunities to expand and share their knowledge and expertise of hydrology and hydraulic engineering and construction, particularly as it relates to the unique environment of the Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch area. The Hydrology and Hydraulics Techncial Group aims to accomplish this through technical lectures and specialty seminars. Attendees who attend geotechnical lectures and seminar are eligible to receive accredited Professional Development Hours (PDHs) applied towards the Continuing Education Program of the P.E. licensing renewal often required in other states. To learn about our upcoming seminars, please look at the event calendar on the website homepage.

If you would like present one of your projects at one of our monthly lectures, or if you have any particular related topic that may be of interest, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Hydrology and Hydraulics Technical Group any question or comments, please contact Hydrology and Hydraulics Technical Group Chair .