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From ASCE LA’s 50th Anniversary pamphlet (1964):

First Owens River – LA Aqueduct
Opening Ceremony at Cascade
Nov. 15, 1913

“It is fitting that the people of Southern California pay respect to the genius of the past on this half-centennial of the Los Angeles Section, American Society of Civil Engineers. It is more than fitting, it is mandatory, that civil engineers of Southern California respond to the occasion with imaginative examination of the future, and with renewed dedication to the service of the community in meeting the human needs that the future will bring.”
                                                                                                                      ~LMK Boelter/Bonham Campbell

A scanned copy of the 50th Anniversary pamphlet is posted on the website of the 
History of the Los Angeles Section

Aqueduct Siphon

First Owens River - LA Aqueduct Steel Pipe

First Owens River Aqueduct
52 Mule Team Hauling Pipe

Mill Creek - Interior Early 1900’s

Colorado Street Bridge - Pasadena
Opened December 8, 1913

  • Summary of 1913 organizing activities.
  • Scanned copies of founding correspondence
  • Attendance rosters of organizing meetings
  • Vote tally sheet for first election of officers
  • Initial Constitution
  • List of Charter Members