Los Angeles Riverfront Park - Phase II

Status: Awarded
Award Type: Bikeways & Trails Project of the Year

Project Information

Name: Los Angeles Riverfront Park - Phase II
Company: Mia Lehrer and Associates
Project Location:

Valleyheart Ave between Sepulveda Blvd. and Kester Ave.,  Los Angeles, CA

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Project Description:

The Los Angeles Riverfront Park, Phase II project (Project) is a project initiated and principally funded by the City of Los Angeles Proposition K/L.A. for Kids Program.
The overall Proposition K funded – L.A. Riverfront Park project consists of various phases of improvements to the banks of the Los Angeles River (River) that will eventually extend along the River from the eastern edge of Studio City to the I-405 (San Diego) freeway and a portion of Encino. The Project is also a part of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan, adopted by the City Council in May 2007.
The Project will include landscaping and irrigation, vehicle ramps, paving, seating areas, ornamental fencing, security lighting, environmental education amenities, as well as a small community “greenbelt” park.
For segment 1 – Sepulveda Boulevard to Kester Avenue Reach
Length: 2,871 ft paved pedestrian/ bicycle path with vehicular access ramps at each end.
Decorative fence along the River’s edge,
2871 feet long 118,306 sf of new park land (2.71 acres)
76,394 sf planting area
2379 ft gabion and 313 ft. mechanically stabilized retaining walls,
Small park located at Noble Avenue with seating, planting and shade areas provided by trees;
Security lighting:   28 LED fixtures
Total new trees planted: 163
White Alders   22
California Sycamores 103
Fremont Cottonwood   17
Coast Live Oaks   7
Valley Oaks   9
California Bay Laurel   5
Existing trees to remain   9
3 complex blends of hydro seed and too many plants to list here
Native plant palette will help bring back some of the wild life to the area
Most trees are fast growing and will reach a height of 25’ within the first 5 years.
1 bike racks at Kester Ave (3 spaces).
1 bike racks at Sepulveda Blvd (3 spaces).
2600 foot long Bio swale along trail to capture run-off, clean it, and deposit it back into the river
Monument entry signs at Sepulveda Blvd and Kester Ave.
3 interpretive signs along the trail
1 drinking fountain
Mutt Mit dispensers (doggy bag (3)),
and seating throughout.


Project Justification:

Phase I of the Project was completed and opened to the public in 2010. This segment is located along the south side of the River, between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Whitsett Avenue.

Phase II of the Project consists of two segments. Both segments are located along the south side of the River. The first segment is located between Sepulveda Boulevard and Kester Avenue. The construction of this segment is now complete and ready for opening. The Grand Opening event was held June 2nd, 2015

The second segment is located between Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Whitsett Avenue, in Council District 2. This segment of the Project will begin construction on June 2nd, 2015.
The Project’s design was completed by Mia Lehrer and Associates (MLA) under a design services contracts held by the Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) and the Department of Public Works.

Both segments of Phase II will have new ramps to allow access to pedestrian, cyclists and maintenance vehicles. The paths are paved and striped to provide for a smooth and orderly ride.

The paths are sloped inward, away from the River, to divert rain into a bio-swale that lines the path. The rain water will be filtered by the bio-swale prior to draining into the River.

Both segments are lined with new trees and plants. The new trees are expected to grow to 25’ within the next 5 years. This will bring shade to visitors as they stroll. The indigenous plants that will bring back part of the natural habitat lost, improve air quality, and increase the physical health and social vitality to our community

Special Circumstances:

The completion of this project has been the result of a long partnership between the Community, the Mayor’s office, Recreation and Parks, Designers, and Contractors over the past years.
The Project site is located on the River right-of-way that is used as the flood control channel maintenance/access road. This land is owned and controlled by the Los Angeles County under the jurisdiction of the County’s Department of Public Works - Flood Control District. For this reason the City entered into a Land Use Agreement with the County for a duration period of 25 years. The Project also necessitated construction permits and design approval from the County and the US Army Corps of Engineers. These approvals required years of persistency and dedication that would have derailed most projects, but the design team prevailed.

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Award Citation:

In recognition of outstanding contributions to the design and implementation of LA for Kids/ Proposition K and the LA River Revitalization

Suggested Award Summary:

Revitalization of the Los Angeles River has been a priority of the City Engineer. Because of the wide-ranging, interdisciplinary scope of the river revitalization effort, we congratulate the Bureau of Engineering for their efforts in realizing an increased public access to the Los Angeles River by creating new parks, trails, natural habitat areas, and cultural and recreational amenities for the citizens of this great city.

Additional Information

Additional Files: 2015 LA Riverfront Park Presentation