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Maintain an informed status on issues of public policy in which ASCE should have an interest. Increase participation and visibility of Civil Engineers in public policy planning. The Committee shall be responsible for guiding ASCE Members to take the initiative and participate in public policy decisions so that the Section can act rather than react after decisions have been made by others. Study proposed or pending local, state and federal legislation of interest to the Civil Engineering profession and inform the Section Board of any recommended legislative action by the Section.

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Develop and implement ways to place more Civil Engineers on advisory boards, policy planning bodies and commissions, and staffs of California Legislative Committees so that they may be in a position to influence decisions related to technology and the environment. Advise the Section Board on current topics of public interest appropriate for the preparation of position papers and letters. Arrange for Section Newsletter articles explaining why and how ASCE members should increase their participation in public policy planning. The existing approved policy statements issued by ASCE National can always be presented by the Section as the position of the ASCE. The Committee shall take whatever actions are required to maintain an informed status on public policy issues of concern to ASCE.

The Committee shall serve as liaison for the ASCE National Key Contact Program and provide coordination and encouragement for the enrollment of Section Members in the Key Contact Program.

The Committee shall serve as a contact for the ASCE National Policy Committees.

The Committee shall maintain close liaison with the other engineering societies and professional groups with an interest in engineering and technology on issues concerning public policy of interest to ASCE.

The Committee shall report on all press releases or public statements made by the President at the meeting of the Section Board following the pronouncement and in the Newsletter.

This Committee reviews all pending legislation of interest to the Civil Engineering profession and recommends to the Section Board what it considers to be the appropriate action that the Section Board should take on the subject legislation. The Committee’s principal responsibilities occur when the State Legislature is in session, but it must also be alert at all times to potential state legislation and to the development and processing of pertinent national, county, special district and city legislation.

In order to increase the effectiveness of any actions taken, The Committee shall also attempt to coordinate its legislative program with those of other Civil Engineering associations such as the CELSOC, SAFEA, CEAC and SEAOSC whenever possible.