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Lincoln Park Recreation Center Pool & Bathhouse Replacement


Parks & Recreation Project


With its artistic and sustainable design and state-of-art equipment and features, this new pool and bathhouse facility brought many programs and benefits to the community members. Since its grand opening in July 2019, this pool and its bathhouse have become a community favorite.

Its 4,300 square-foot new bathhouse and administration office is integrated with the existing senior center. This facility is designed with natural ventilation and energy efficient mechanical systems and uses channel glass wall to maximize natural lighting.

The 30-foot high powder-coated perforated panel facade covering the east side wall not only provides an astonishing visual effect from the open parking lot, but also functions as shade to the large window opening to the staff office. The colorful vertical planting wall and the richly planted courtyard between the existing senior center and swimming pool provides a pleasing and peaceful resting place for all community members. The operable fence, which separates the pool from the courtyard, functions both as pool enclosure and access gate, and has an architectural appeal with its decorated panel.

The new 120-foot long, 75-foot wide, 9,000 square-foot lap pool was designed with a shallow-deep-shallow configuration. It allows for up to 8 lanes of competitive swimming in the deep middle section, while leaving the two shallow areas to be programmed as needed.

Outside the pool fencing near the main park is a 1,600 square-foot splash pad with children play amenities such as Bucket Trio, Rainbow Spray, and water jelly, which will bring a full day fun to kids of all ages. Elevated landscape platforms and spectator concrete benches provide a space for parents and guardians at the north end of the splash pad area.