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Morris Dam Low Flow Outlet and Facility Improvement Project


Flood Management Project


The Morris Dam Low Flow Outlet and Facility Improvement Project enhanced operational flexibility at the Morris Dam and included the following main items of work:
1) Installation of a new low flow outlet valve,
2) Installation of an innovating self-adjusting floating boat dock,
3) Refurbishment of the auxiliary (Caterpillar) gate, hoist system, and
4) Construction of a new security gate and fence.
The new low flow outlet valve improves water conservation at the dam by reducing spray and vapor loss during mandatory small water releases. Additionally, the valve increases safety in the workplace for maintenance crews by preventing dangerous slippery surfaces caused by excessive spray.  The self-adjusting boat dock on the upstream-face of the dam improves operational, maintenance, and emergency response by providing direct and immediate boat access to the reservoir through all variation in the reservoir water levels.  Refurbishing the auxiliary (Caterpillar) gate and hoist system provides for operational flexibility for making repairs and conducting maintenance on the valves; thereby increasing the reliability of the outlet works at this facility.  The new security gate and fence improves the security at the dam by keeping all the mechanical valves and valuable instruments safe within the facility. Together, these components of the project help to ensure reliable flood protection and water conservation at Morris Dam for the benefit of downstream communities.