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Alamitos Barrier Project Unit 15


Water Project


The Alamitos Barrier Project Unit 15 constructed five injection wells and two monitoring wells within the Cities of Long Beach and Seal Beach to replace and supplement existing Alamitos Barrier Project facilities.  The new injection wells replaced existing injection wells that were beyond their useful operational life.  The new observation wells will provide groundwater data to monitor groundwater elevations and chloride concentrations and enable better operation of the Alamitos Barrier Project.  The goal of the Project was to construct replacement facilities with an improved design that both accelerates and enhances maintenance activities while minimizing operational downtime.  This was accomplished by installing a permanent airline within the injection well casing and a modified wellhead piping configuration that allows well redevelopment to be performed without disassembly of the well.  The Alamitos Barrier Project Unit 15 continues the tradition of providing excellent public service and further enhances the integrity of the seawater barrier for years to come.