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Beaumont MDP Line 16, Stage 50 Recharge Basin Feeder


Flood Management Project


This is a Flood Control storm drain project featuring water conservation elements and is a joint project between Riverside County Flood Control & Water Conservation District (District) and Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District (BCVWD). The project consists of 7,800 feet of pipe (54”-84”) and recharge basin improvements. The primary objective of this project is to provide flood protection to residents near Grand Avenue in Cherry Valley and increase groundwater recharge within the project vicinity. Storm flows are generally collected in Bellflower Avenue, Winesap Avenue, Jonathan Avenue, Cherry Avenue, Nobel Street, and Grand Avenue and are safely conveyed westerly to an existing recharge basin owned and operated by BCVWD. Flows reaching the basins will help recharge the groundwater basin and become available for future pumping to meet the community’s water needs.