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Crenshaw/LAX Corridor K Line


Construction Project


The $2 billion Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Crenshaw/LAX Corridor is an 8.5-mile transit corridor aimed at improving mobility in Los Angeles by connecting the Metro Rail C (“Green”) Line by El Segundo to the Metro Rail E (“Expo”) Line, which runs between downtown LA and Santa Monica.  This Metro Rail K (“Crenshaw/LAX”) Line will also connect at a future Airport Metro Connector station (under a separate contract) near Aviation Blvd/96th St to Los Angeles World Airport’s automated people mover that will run between the LAX terminals and a consolidated rent-a-car facility near the 405 freeway.  The complex project features 5.5 miles of at-grade track, 3600’ of bridge (including a bridge over the 405 freeway), 4600’ of U-wall, 4700’ of cut & cover trench, 6000’ of bored tunnel, 8 passenger stations, 8 traction power substations, 3 auxiliary power sites, 16 grade crossings, and significant roadway improvements.  The project has completed the systems integration testing and it opened for revenue operations in October 2022.

The project has contributed to the local community in aspects of several different award categories.  It set the stage for the airport’s landside access modernization program, such as by building in accommodations for the future Aviation/96th St station that will connect the rail line to the automated people mover between the terminals and the consolidated rental car facility.  The underground stations have architectural elements.  The project is incorporating future bike lanes.  WSCC built several bridges, including one over the 405 freeway.  The project has donated to local toy drives and supported local businesses such as Dulan’s during construction.  This major construction project includes several traction power substations that convert SCE’s 16 kV and DWP’s 4.8 and 34.5 kV feeds to direct current that will energize the overhead catenary system with 600 V DC.  The electric trains operate sustainably without the need for combustion and the associated emissions.  The project used best management practices to protect the environment.  The tunnel entrance portals are protected against major floods with grading and sump pumps.  The drilling for soldier piles and earth-pressure direction drilling by TBM utilized geotechnical instrumentation to confirm that any settlement was within established limits.  It is rejuvenating a boulevard that used to have trolleys.  Its Florence/West Fairview Heights station is within walking distance of a beautiful Inglewood park.  It safely maintained traffic during construction and included roadway paving and restoration along the alignment.  Structural calculations confirmed that the equipment is safely anchored to pads to withstand earthquakes. 

Within the megaproject are many smaller projects, such as a pedestrian underpass for the Faithful Central Bible Church.  Structural engineering ensured safety for the new bridge passing under the 105 freeway and over Imperial Highway.  Quad gates protect grade crossings in Inglewood against car-train collisions.  The project spurred urban development along the corridor, including new senior housing south of 54th St. The project included improvements to the Baldwin Hills mall plaza, including special pavers.  The project included many millions of dollars worth of bringing water meters and fire hydrants into compliance with standards, replacement of several blocks of 24” water main, and new connections for domestic, fire service, and irrigation water services.  Each underground station has an oil water separator to treat water before it is released into the City’s systems.  WSCC replaced several sewers and cleaned some to the benefit of the City’s sanitary system.