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LAPD MTD Solar Array


Energy Project


The design-build construction of 580kW DC solar photovoltaic system on a 60,000 square-foot rooftop in the LAPD MTD Parking facility is directly connected to the utility grid under a Net Energy Metering configuration. The estimated annual electricity production is 953,248 kWh supporting about 131 homes annually. It provides renewable energy to over 100 electric vehicle charging stations and other building electrical loads, and the excess generated power goes back to the utility grid. The project also includes the installation of electrical, lighting, carport, fire protection, and hose bibbs infrastructures supporting the new solar PV system.

This renewable energy offsets approximately 676 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually from fossil fuel power plants. The annual electricity production of the installed solar PV system is also equivalent to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 146 gas-fueled passenger vehicles driven for one year. It also provides plenty of shade coverage for many parking spaces on the roof. The project will also develop local skills and capacities to operate and maintain the installed solar PV system. In line with LA’s Green New Deal, the project will generate electrical power from renewable energy, help Los Angeles to achieve the Carbon Neutrality by 2050 and lead by example.

Completing the Bridging Documents to Construction Documents and getting the construction permit were very challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic, but close coordination and cooperation including constant online meetings among the project team members conquered the difficulties. The system also incorporates the connection for future battery energy storage system. The project is receiving about $500,000 solar incentives from the Department of Water and Power. As an active police facility, relocating of about 75+ police vehicles to a temporary parking facility were very challenging during construction, but it was accomplished with constant coordination and cooperation with other City departments.

The construction was completed on August 2022 in cooperation with the City’s Public Works’ Bureau of Engineering, Police, Building and Safety, and Water and Power.