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Mark Vicelja, PE


Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private or Public Sector


Mr. Vicelj has over 35 years of experience designing, developing, and delivering airport and heavy civil infrastructure projects. He has led programs and projects from concept through planning, entitlement, procurement, design, construction, commissioning, activation, and close-out. Mr. Vicelja joined the City in 1988 and has worked for LAWA since 1992. He has been responsible for delivering a variety of airfield, building, terminal, and infrastructure improvements throughout his career, including projects at Van Nuys Airport, the former LA/Ontario International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport. Mr. Vicelja progressively increased his responsibilities and positions over the years before officially taking the helm of the Airports Development Program in October of 2022.

The best way to define Mark that encapsulates his leadership is stated best by his colleagues, and the overall consensus “Mark is like Britannica of airport engineering. From flatwork subgrade prep to roof trusses and insulation of buildings, from drafting contract language to project commissioning, from scheduling to budget control, Mark knows it all.
He leads by example and expects excellence in performance from his team members. He challenges you on all decisions and encourages you to reach the best possible solution. It takes years to earn his trust, but he will mentor and support you along the road. He won’t let you fail and will help you whenever needed.