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Nicole Mi, MBA, PE, TE


Outstanding Civil Engineer in Legislative Activities


Nicole Mi, MBA, PE, TE is a civil engineer for Los Angeles County Public Works where she has worked as a public servant for 9 years. Before this, she worked in the private sector for 2 years as a traffic engineer. Nicole feels blessed with a productive and fulfilling career so far. Transitioning from traffic engineering, she had the chance to work on several civil engineering projects when she started with the county. The biggest project that she was the PE for was a multi-benefits stormwater capture project at Gates Canyon Park in Calabasas which was constructed in 2018 for $9M. She also became a guardrail expert at one point, and she would never forget the moment of joy and fulfillment that she felt when she saw the crash site of a guardrail that she designed, she literally, saved someone’s life by preventing the car from running off a cliff.
In addition to her role with LA County Public Works, Nicole Mi is the founder of Aquifer PE, a startup that aims at addressing the hottest issue in civil engineering industry today, the workforce issue. Aquifer PE is a freelancing platform that allows specialty engineers to take on projects and get paid by project delivery with 2x-3x of pay comparing to a salary job with fixed salary, OT no pay and no reward disregard productivity.  Nicole was inspired to solve the industry problem when she did her Executive MBA at UCLA.