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North Pleasant Valley Desalter Project


Water/Wastewater Treatment Project


The NPV Desalter Facility Project (Project) includes planning, design, and construction of a groundwater desalination facility capable of producing 3,877 AFY of potable water using reverse osmosis technology. Brackish groundwater treated by the Project is extracted from two existing City wells and pumped to the facility for treatment.  The treatment process includes greensand filtration, reverse osmosis, and post-treatment stabilization. The greensand filtration process removes naturally occurring iron and manganese and removes suspended solids that could damage the downstream RO system. A washwater recovery system treats waste generated by the greensand filter backwash process, maximizing treated water production. The RO process removes dissolved salts and other contaminants, producing a reliable, high quality permeate. Treated, stabilized (finished) water is pumped to customers using the City’s existing distribution infrastructure.

A Project-specific groundwater allocation of 4,500 AFY has been provided by the Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency. This allocation is expected to yield 3,877 AFY of potable water, an entirely new local supply representing up to 43 percent of the City’s water supply portfolio. This supply is entirely drought-resistant, as enough brackish water is present for extraction for the life of the Project without any additional inflow of water to the Pleasant Valley Basin.