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Park and Paseo, A Broadstone Community


Urban or Land Development Project


Park & Paseo mixed-use village represents urban renewal at its best. Originally occupied by a vacant 366,000 sf industrial building, the project is a LEED Silver mixed-use development comprised of three apartment buildings: Broadstone Arden, Archive and Atlas. This 1,221-unit wrap style project includes 17,900 sf of retail space at ground level shared with an existing 56,000 sf data center building on 19 acres at the northwest corner of Dyer Road and Redhill Avenue. A central park links to walking and jogging trails, courtyards and common areas.

Fuscoe provided comprehensive civil services as well as a hydrology study, WQMP, SWPPP, Erosion Control Plan, supplemental topography and legal descriptions for the project. This infill project was unique, as an existing data center had to remain operational throughout construction and beyond. This situation posed challenges, including maintaining operational fiber optic lines and relocating others, as well as sewer, water, storm drain and fire water considerations. In addition, overhead power lines along the railroad required re-routing underground. One important full circle thinkingĀ® solution entailed precise surgical removal of a portion of the fiber optic duct bank, leaving the rest intact. This scenario required detailed pothole, survey and design work for utility coverage needs that impacted plumbing plans as well as building to the street grade interface.

Photos:  courtesy of Alliance Residential & Adrian Tiemens