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Rick Gomez Park


Parks & Recreation Project


On some leftover land below the Western Avenue freeway bridge, a simple idea started a chain of events that delivered a special green space to an underserved neighborhood. The project started as a small “greening” project at the end of the 8th Street cul de sac. The project gained momentum as the city’s leaders pushed forward an initiative to purchase blighted residential lots at the end of the street. Rick Gomez, a beloved long-time coach, and youth advocate in Buena Park was memorialized through the theme and detailing of the park and playlot. “Get your mitts” his favorite saying adorns the sign behind the large baseball casting. The play equipment is an imaginative ballfield with climb-through gloves, larger-than-life bats, home plate, and baselines. There are even authentic bleacher seats salvaged from the Angels and the Dodgers stadium renovations. A special service of seven pictorial kiosks chronicles some fun moments of Coach Gomez’s work with the community’s youth.