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Santa Anita Dam Emergency Access Road Stabilization


Geotechnical Project


“Santa Anita Dam is a concrete arch dam, constructed in 1927, which provides critical flood protection and water conservation for the benefit of downstream communities. The Santa Anita Dam Emergency Access Road Stabilization Project restored access to Santa Anita Dam and Reservoir after a major rockslide destabilized the sole access road to Santa Anita Dam, suspending vehicular access and limiting personnel access. The Project’s delivery was accelerated after the Bobcat Fire increased access needs for emergency maintenance and sediment removal activities. 

Innovative design and construction methods were incorporated into the work to address difficult site conditions, which included weight restrictions for construction equipment, highly fractured rock slopes, and near vertical slopes requiring most of the work to be completed through rope access. Despite many challenges, the Project was successfully completed within the expedited schedule required to address emergency conditions at Santa Anita Dam.”